Shutdown causes 1,100 furloughs at Ark. National Guard

    7:16 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The federal government shutdown delayed funding to the Arkansas National Guard and caused more than 1,000 employees to be furloughed.

    Sergeant Major, Donald Stane, feels slighted by the government and said he's given a lot to this country. Stane has spent more than 30 years with the National Guard.

    "I just came off my fourth major deployment coming out of Afghanistan," said Stane.

    Stane heads up the personnel responsible for maintaining equipment, and he's disappointed lawmakers failed to find a solution before shutting the government down.

    "We're asking the National Guard to deploy, and we're putting it on the line, and we're willing to make those sacrifices too, and it's kind of injustice here, and it's like a double standard for us," said Stane.

    While active duty service members were not directly impacted by the shutdown, 1,100 guard employees were furloughed. State Representative Mark Perry said these furloughs go beyond the front lines.

    "Not only do these men and women support the work of our men and women in uniform, they're also a vital part to the economy," said Representative Mark Perry of Jacksonville.

    Stane went through the furloughs in the mid-90s and said they weaken defense and hurt morale.

    "We're sent home with no assurance, when does it end, what is the future? And how do pay your bills? You know if this thing was to go on for several weeks, that's several weeks of income," said Stane.

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