First industrial hemp crop harvested in 60 years

    6:02 AM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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    SPRINGFIELD, CO (CNN) -- Laws in Colorado legalizing the recreational use of marijuana also allow for the commercial growing of hemp. Now, a handful of volunteers are reaping the results for the first time.

    Migrant workers picking in a farmer's field aren't that unusual, but this isn't just any crop and these aren't your usual migrant workers, they're from 5 different states, two different countries, and they're unpaid.

    They get a free t-shirt, lunch, and a chance to say they're a part of the first industrial hemp harvest in the u-s in over 60 years.

    Ryan Loflin says, "People to this day say I can't believe you're doing that. I just tell them, I can't believe that you're not. We're making history here."

    Loflin planted the first seeds back in may on 60 acres. He says, "It went real well. We're...obviously didn't end up in prison, so that was good."

    But all dreams are easier than reality. There are more weeds than hemp in this field. Loflin says, "It was a pretty big learning experience. We learned quite a bit."

    Activists want these to be seeds of change for laws across the country. Loflin says, "They see it as the same thing as this is a field of drugs when, in reality, it's a field of paper, insulation, bio diesel."

    Harvesting the first crop shows it isn't just a field of dreams in Colorado, anymore.

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