Shutdown forces employees to temporarily work without pay

    6:32 PM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The shutdown caused 350 employee furloughs at the Little Rock District - Army Corps of Engineers, and it forced them to close their regulatory offices.

    Some deferred status employees continue to show up to work without getting paid for now.

    Barges won't make it through Murray Lock and Dam without the help of Connell Mayo. For more than three decades, Mayo has worked for the federal government in some capacity, and he spent the last seven opening the flow of traffic for boats and barges and controlling water levels.

    "It's twelve hour shifts, and you actually work days and nights, but it's a blast," said Mayo.

    Mayo continues to clock in and out, but he's on deferred status. Even though he's working, he won't receive a paycheck until the government reopens.

    "If you don't have funds coming in, then you've got to start dealing with what are you going to do, and the creditors don't stop. They don't stop; they're not really so much interested in appropriations at all," he explained.

    Colonel Courtney Paul leads the Little Rock District and said his group is ready to get back to normal.

    "This is a really tough time for our employees. I've got folks that we keep hearing [from], we still maintain good, steady contact with those people that we've had to send home, and they really just want to come back to work and continue to do what they do, serving their country," said colonel Paul.

    Other agencies continue to work without a paycheck. The governor told THV 11 Social Security Office employees continue to work free for now.

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