Dr. Martin MacNeill's kids to take stand in wife's bathtub murder

    6:57 AM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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    PROVO, UT (CNN) -- A steady stream of emergency responders took the stand at the Utah murder trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill whose wife was found dead in their bath-tub. MacNeill is accused of killing her to be with his mistress.

    But the real drama in the court is about to amp up with MacNeill's children set to testify for the prosecution.

    Today, the children of Dr. Martin MacNeill are a step closer to testifying against their own father. Prosecutors say the first up, as soon as Thursday, is expected to be 12-year-old Ada MacNeill. She was only 6 when she discovered her dying mother. Prosecutor Chad Grunander says, "We want Ada to testify because she has an important story to tell as part of the bigger story here. She was the first person to find her mother in the bathtub."

    The defense counters Ada should not testify. She's not a reliable witness-they say-as investigators used her older sister Alexis during repeated interviews. Defense attorney Susanne Gustin says, "Alexis was doing the interviewing and investigators saying ask her this ask her that. This is highly improper."

    Prosecutors have already called several first responders who testified that at the scene of his wife's death, Martin MacNeill was agitated to the point of distraction as they desperately tried to save his wife's life. Dan Beckstrom with Pleasant Grove Police Dept. says, "He was hysterical. He was blurting out things like why did u have to have this surgery? Why were you on so many medications? Why God?"

    Prosecutors contend the drama was an act and that it was MacNeill pressuring his wife to get a facelift and then using a deadly combination of prescription drugs post-surgery to kill her. Chief Mark Sanderson with the Pleasant Grove Fire Dept. says, "He made comment that she had overdosed on pain medication and that she had slipped in tub and hit her head. And that he had been gone a short time."

    MacNeill's alibi is he was at work when his wife fell in the tub. Prosecutors say they have evidence to the contrary.

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