Fountain of Youth real? It may be in small Italy town

    5:23 AM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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    FIUGGI, Italy (CNN) -- People the world over have flocked to a town in central Italy for centuries just to drink the water. It flows from the natural springs and mountains and is said to help with everything from wrinkles to kidney stones.

    The water from the springs of Fiuggi, in the volcanic hills south of Rome, has been famous since the days of the roman republic.

    The water is said to dissolve kidney stones, wipe away wrinkles, relieve arthritis and gout, and generally put a spring back in your step. Missionary Father Giulio was sent here by his doctor. He says, "I have to be sincere: At the beginning I was very skeptical, then I decided to come. And I can tell you, it really was a miracle. I've managed to expel forty-one kidney stones."

    Lucia drinks it for her kidney stones and says her husband drinks it too even though he does need it. It does, she says, make him more active some here describe Fiuggi water as liquid Viagra.

    Speaking to people here you'd think this water comes from the fountain of youth. In fact, until not long ago you could only buy Fiuggi in a pharmacy.

    And although today you can pick it up in supermarkets around the world, doctors here still recommend it. Professor Renato Del Monaco, Medical Director of Fiuggi Terme says, "In Italy, says medical director professor Renato del Monaco, doctors in national health service prescribe Fiuggi water as real medicine. It cleans the kidneys and has the effect of keeping us young in every way, even for us men, it helps keep us young."

    Fiuggi bubbled to the surface of history during the reign of Pope Boniface VIII more than 700 years ago.

    Anna Battisti has worked here for thirty years she says at the time the Spanish ambassador to the Vatican wrote to his king that the water of Fiuggi not only cured Pope Boniface of his severe kidney stones, it also made him younger

    This may not be the fabled fountain of youth but its close.

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