Ringo Starr searching for mystery teens in old photograph

    11:25 AM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CBS) - When the Fab 4 stepped off that plane in New York in 1964, Beatlemania arrived in America.

    But it wasn't just Beatles fans that were armed with cameras.

    "We all had cameras, a drink, and a cigarette. Those were the three things we all carried all the time!" Ringo Starr became the band's unofficial photographer, capturing rarely seen private moments like Paul posing for laughs and John trying to eat lunch. Ringo has compiled them into a new book called "Photograph".

    The biggest of all boy bands was always on the move and so was Ringo's camera.

    One shot of six American teenagers has been something of a magical mystery for nearly 50 years. The new book has prompted a search for those kids in the car.

    One of them is Charlie Schwartz. He was 17 and skipped school with his friends to see the Beatles arrive at JFK. They couldn't get in so they headed home. He says, "What we thought was a funeral procession was creeping upon us -- all these limousines with headlights on. And it turns out to be the Beatles."

    The mystery man was Matt Blender. HE recently passed away Charlie Schwartz is now 67 living in California. He saw Ringo's photo of him for the first time this week. He says, "It was just so surreal. I couldn't believe it."

    Find out more at www.RingoPhotoBook.com.

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