Comedy of Crime: Armed robber bumbles his way into handcuffs

    1:46 PM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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    MIAMI, FL (CBS/WFOR) -- An armed robber who attempted to steal beer, candy and cash from a Miami Gardens gas station Thursday morning ended up in police handcuffs after he bumbled his way through the botched robbery.

    Miami Gardens police arrested Johnny Love, 22, after the crime, which was caught on security camera video.

    In the video, Love can be seen pulling a gun on the cashier at a Shell gas station around 5:40 a.m., according to police.

    He jumped over the counter and demanded cash.

    His hat fell off his head during the counter jump but he snatched it back up before he ran back to the front of the counter.

    That was just the start of his troubles.

    The video shows him next struggling to open plastic bags to put the money in. He's also seen taking own sweet time putting candy from the display cases in his bags along with the money.

    He's so greedily stealing his sweets, at one point he dropped his gun on the floor.

    Next stop, the coolers where he slowly put six packs of beer into his bags.

    It appears he may getaway but the plastic bags full of loot either broke or he dropped them and beer cans can be seen rolling all over the parking lot.

    Rather than running, he struggled to put his gun back into his sagging pants and gathered up each beer, one by one.

    He took a full two minutes trying to get it together but he actually dropped the bags a second time.

    That's when a police officer ran up to him with his gun drawn.

    Police said Love tried to run but was quickly caught outside of the camera's view.

    Police aren't saying whether Love was intoxicated or just really clumsy.

    He's charged with armed robbery.

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