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    Great Video: Man survives tug boat sinking underwater for 3 days

    6:04 AM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- It was already a miraculous story of survival; a man was trapped for almost three days underwater after his tugboat sank, but now video of the rescue has surfaced.

    When this tugboat capsized in the ocean off the coast of Africa, it was thought a dozen men drowned, so imagine when a rescue diver searching the tug felt a hand. Jed Chamberlain said, "What was shocking he thought that was a hand belonging to a corpse."

    When the hand grabbed him, you can see the reaction of the diver and the supervisor on the surface.

    For the diver, Chamberlain said, "He said it was one of the most terrifying moments underwater."

    The diver met the survivor as the rescuer surfaced in an air pocket. Harrison Okene, 29, had been underwater for two and a half days. He was in the bathroom when the tug capsized.

    It went down really fast leaving him trapped in a four square foot air pocket. The tug came to a rest upside down 100 feet below the surface.

    it was pitch black. When the diver found him his skin was starting to peel.

    If you're wondering why the divers' voices sound high pitched like the chipmunks in the video, it's because they're breathing a helium oxygen mixture.

    They gave him a helmet, though he had no experience diving. There was even a moment of dark humor.

    It took a little less than half an hour to get from the tugboat to the surface.

    If the story sounds familiar, it's because the accident happened back in may, but only now has the video surfaced, accompanied by what at first seems like incongruous music, until you recognize it as the theme from "the great escape."

    Harrison spent the next two days in a decompression chamber. He returned to Nigeria in good shape. And you can bet neither man will forget the handshake that left both shaken.

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