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    Generous stranger tips waitress $700

    10:20 AM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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    VANCOUVER, WA (CNN) -- A waitress in Washington is cashing in on someone else's holiday spirit after receiving a generous tip.

    Rosie Salice said, "You experience generosity from customers and gratuity is given but nothing of that magnitude. I mean $700 that's a quite hefty."

    Rosie says the day started like any other. She served a family at "Mint Tea Imports" in Vancouver for brunch, taking care of them like she does every customer. She said, "I had leaned over and this necklace was hanging down. And she complemented me on it and I was all excited and I made that thank you. And she's like maybe you should start selling them."

    But that was just the start. As the family got up to leave, that woman pulled her aside then handed her a note saying "I believe in you" along with a check for $700. Rosie said, "The check was specifically to start up a business and she told me she had faith in me for that so that was really exciting. I was in shock. I was completely in awe. I had no idea what to do or say. I was completely overwhelmed and I just gave her a hug."

    Rosie says she has already used part of the money to make necklaces for her future jewelry business. She hopes to one day sell them at the Saturday Market.

    Her dream is becoming a reality because a stranger believed in her. Rosie said, "She was catching a flight out so it was kind of angelic for her to come in, change my life and then leave like that."

    Rosie says she hopes sharing her story will encourage other people to be generous, especially this holiday season.


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