New license plate unveiled to support military spouses

    11:17 AM, Jan 6, 2014   |    comments
    (Photo: Jake Pendergist/THV 11 News)
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    Jacksonville and LRAFB News:

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (LRAFBCC) -- The Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council, along with Congressman Tim Griffin, State Representative Mark Perry and the Little Rock Spouses' Club unveiled the new, state-issued license plate for the "Rock & Role" branding initiative.

    This license plate is the next step in the overall branding of the Community Council and the Little Rock Air Force Base's partnership. The proceeds from the sale of this plate will go to the Little Rock Spouses' Club (which serves the spouses of military personnel on Little Rock Air Force Base) to fund scholarships as well as support other projects on Base.

    Rock & Role was created through a partnership of the Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council, Base leadership and Congressman Tim Griffin.

    Through Griffin's experiences and travels, he continued to hear about something called "The Little Rock Difference." It was his vision, along with key members of the Little Rock Air Force Base Community Council, to create a visual image to illustrate something as abstract as "The Little Rock Difference." A logo was created which included two C-130s inside a silhouette of the state of Arkansas. The two C-130s are each representative of the mission and history of Combat Airlift on Little Rock Air Force Base (one is an older "legacy" model, and the other is a newer, C-130J model). The words "Rock & Role" were placed in the state as well, and the following is a synopsis of what the words represent:

    Everyone associated with LRAFB is very much aware of "The Rock." Anywhere in the world, if someone on any Air Force base mentions "The Rock," people know that Little Rock Air Force Base is being discussed. When we were working on the logo, we wanted to try to create something that would be simplistic, but be impactful. We wanted everyone to feel included, no matter what their respective position was within the Base or the community. What we created was an acronym created out of four key words that we kept coming back to through our fact-finding. We created ROLE based off of four words: Responsive, One-Team, Leading and Excellence. We were able to combine "Rock" from Little Rock Air Force Base, and the acronym "ROLE" and create "Rock & ROLE." Here is what each term in "ROLE" stands for:

    Responsive: No matter the need, both the people of LRAFB as well as the community surrounding the base are responsive. Our military is responsive to the needs of the world, and our community is responsive to the needs of the Base and the people of it. When a tornado ripped through the base a couple of years ago, the people of our community were the first ones in line to ask what needed to be done and to assist with cleanup. Clothes drives began and local businesses began grilling and delivering bottled water to families affected and crews who were assisting with cleanup. We fully believe that there is not one base in the world that is supported in the way that LRAFB is. And, we feel that is recognized and evidenced by the awarding of the Abilene trophy to our community twice in recent years.

    One Team: The units that comprise LRAFB create a unique dynamic that is now being looked to from other installations; how do they make a total force integration work? There are four unique areas housed on the Base, with Mobility Command, Education, National Guard and Reserves. Each of them have a specific purpose, but they each coexist daily. They are able to pool resources and utilize best practices together for an efficiency unmatched anywhere. LRAFB was implementing total force integration before it was a requirement, and that speaks volumes to the leadership and forward-thinking of the personnel of LRAFB.

    Leading: LRAFB and the community of Jacksonville, specifically, continue to be on the leading edge. For example, a need was identified for educational opportunities for military personnel as well as civilians in the area. The residents of Jacksonville took the initiative to impose a tax on themselves in order to build a new "Joint Educational University" Center just outside the front gates of the base. This is a cutting-edge facility with several community college classes and other educational opportunities for both military and civilian alike.

    Excellence: LRAFB is known as the "Center of Excellence." There is no question that there is no better Air Mobility Command base in the world; and the personnel of the base as well as the people of the surrounding communities strive to deliver excellence in all that we do daily to enhance the relationship between LRAFB and the surrounding communities.

    Also, by utilizing this "acronym" approach, it gave us an opportunity to use it as talking points for anyone in our community. If people simply focused on what each of the individual letters stood for, then speaking about the base would be easy for anyone. And, by tagging it additionally with "What's your role?" it gives everyone, from top military leaders, to loadmasters, to local civic leaders to simple residents the opportunity to think about what role they play within the continued vibrancy and success of LRAFB.

    This "brand" is continuing to be leveraged through the sale of merchandise, as well as our social media presence. We feel that this license plate will be a tremendous asset for the continued success and vibrancy of the Little Rock Difference.

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