Driver hits bicyclist, continues to drive home with man in windshield

    2:14 PM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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    MANITOWOC, WI (CNN) -- A Wisconsin man is out of jail on bail after allegedly hitting a newspaper delivery man who was riding a three-wheeled bicycle. Police say the cyclist went through the windshield, but the driver kept going all the way home!

    Steven Gove, 56, says after running his Lakeshore Chronicle newspaper routes Saturday, he wanted to warm up. He said, "I was on my way home to have some pea soup, actually."

    But those plans changed at Marshall and South 16th. He said, "My entire torso was inside the car."

    He speaks lightly about the ordeal saying, "Well, when I realized I was in his car, I said, 'Hello!' How do you do? I'm the guy you hit on the bicycle.'"

    But Gove says the 20-year-old driver kept driving with Gove still in the windshield.

    Police say the driver went on to hit a car at the intersection of Marshall and South 14th before driving to his home a block away, locking the vehicle, with Gove still in the windshield.

    "Then he saw me sitting in his car and he said, 'Who are you?' What are you doing in there?' I said, 'I'm the guy you hit on the bicycle. I went through your windshield!'", Gove said, "'I'm going to jail,' he was kind of freaking out.' I calmly got out of his car, started walking down the street."

    Police say the driver went inside his house where he was later found with a severe cut on his hand. Both he and Gove, who miraculously only had a couple scratches, were treated and released from area hospitals.

    This is a series of events Manitowoc police admit are strange. Usually, police say in a circumstance like this, the outcome is a lot worse.

    As is the suspect, who police say should have helped Gove. Capt. Larry Zimney with the Manitowoc Police Department said, "Whether he realized it or not, obviously, when he did realize it he should have rendered aid to the person."

    As for gove? He said, "I don't hold any grudges, it was an accident."

    He says God was watching out for him. Adding, "But I just don't understand why he didn't see me."

    Police believe alcohol was a factor.

    Gove says he plans to pursue some legal action. As for the suspect, he was arrested on suspicion of causing injuring while driving drunk, hit and run, and failure to render aid.

    He posted bail after spending the night in jail.

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