Unique home decor with homemade chessboard

    6:23 AM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV's lifestyle guru Chris Olsen shared some great ideas for your home today to add style to your mantle or create a homemade chessboard.


    You know when I decorate, I love doing mantles; probably because they are the focal point of a room. Now sometimes it can be kind of a challenge to decorate a mantle, especially if you have a flat screen TV. What I like to do is start with the sides of the Television. These are metal pieces that look like Coral. What's great about them is they're tall and they're taller than the TV. I just bent the tops to make them fit in my spot. Now, that they do is, they take some attention away from the TV, but not too much because the TV is still our focal point. Now we want to go ahead and decorate underneath the TV. I went ahead and planted up these little planters of succulents. Sorted succulents, also some of them are eceverias - they are very low maintenance. Now we want to finish it off and I am going to go ahead and use candles. These last 100 hours lit - so they are great. I am going to go ahead and just do an assortment of different sizes and not too symmetrical, just kinda put them off-center so they look a little more natural - not too predetermined. Now you have a real clean look. Now just light a fire. You can go ahead and simply light your candles - and now you have a beautiful mantle that is definitely the focal point of your room.

    Homemade Chessboard

    You know in today's world, but it seems like I get busier and busier. Now with that being said I find that my time at home becomes really precious to me - especially when I am spending it with my family. So playing games is a great way for us to get together. I have this chess board that I bought years ago at a garage sale. Then one day I was shopping at a flea market where I found a bucket full of different odds and ends of Salt and Pepper shakers. So I thought to myself - wouldn't these be great chess pieces for my chess board. I am going to show you how you can create your own game that is not only functional for you to use - but looks great to your guests when they come visit you. So remember when you are doing it with salt - sometimes salt will discolor over time. What I have done is - I went to my local Hobby store and bought white sand and I am using this instead of the salt because it will last years without discoloring. Now regular pepper will be just fine. Now before you go ahead and fill those up - you want to remember before you put the cap on - you want to go ahead and fill the top up with tissue or paper. What this will do is keep the sand or small pepper from coming thru the small holes. You just line them all up and make sure you go down in size and now you are ready to go ahead and play your first game.

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