Stupid, reckless and lucky: Woman run over by a train and survives

    11:45 AM, Jan 29, 2014   |    comments
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    BLUE MOUNTAINS, Australia (CNN) - A woman jumped onto a moving freight train but ended up underneath it and survived. Although this happened two years ago, the video is just now being released and the woman is speaking out, hoping to prevent someone from do it again.

    She fell between the moving carriages, but somehow managed to land between the train tracks and stay low enough to allow the train to pass over her at around 20 kilometers an hour.

    Amazingly, after the train passed she got up, walked to the platform where she was helped up before being taken to hospital.

    Seven News in Australia found her and spoke to her about the event. She didn't want to use her real name or show her face because she's embarrassed. For the story she is called "Tania."

    She was shocked when she saw the video. Tania decided to speak to convince others not to do this. She said, "It's important that young people know that they're really not invincible. It might seem funny at the time but it's, it's not. The very least you can get super embarrassed and at the most you can end up dead."

    Tania was under the train for about a minute. Her friend on the platform thought she was dead. She said, "Underneath I just remember thinking I needed to get closer to the ground and I could just feel the train repeatedly hitting the back of my head. He could see me between the carriages, and he told he thought I was dead for sure. Him and the rest of the hospital and rail staff thought I had sustained massive brain injuries and not be able to walk."

    So why did she do it? Tania admits she had been drinking, but says that's no excuse. She said, "Of course I am embarrassed about it. It's definitely the stupidest thing I have ever done and I have done a few stupid things. I am really ashamed of it."

    Tania spent just one day in hospital before walking out with two wounds that had been stitched; a couple of smaller cuts, a sprained ankle and one helluva fright. She said, "I am so lucky it's changed my life really the whole incident."

    Jonathan Beninca wasn't so fortunate when he played on a train lines 15 years ago. He threw a rock at a stationary train near a station, the rock rebounded and knocked him out before another train hit him.

    When he woke, he was in hospital with an arm and a leg amputated. He said, "I live with the consequences of my actions day in day out and I will for the rest of my life."

    He now educates others against these dangers. He said, "The mess that is left behind that everyone has to clean up is horrendous."

    He hopes Tania's story will stop others suffering injuries like his or worse.

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