Maryland police investigating triple homicide

    6:23 AM, Feb 24, 2014   |    comments
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    CAPITOL HEIGHTS, MD (CNN) - Police in Prince George's County, Maryland say they are dealing with one of the worst crime they've seen in a long time. Three people were found shot to death Saturday night in an apartment.

    Police fanned out through the Lexington Court Apartments in Capitol Heights. This is just steps from a gruesome crime scene. Three people gunned down in an apartment. Police spokeswoman Julie Parker said, "It's kind of weird because I've never really heard of anything happening around here. So this is kind of shocking that this is happening."

    A concerned relative of one of the victims came looking for a loved one who apparently hadn't been seen in days. This led to the discovery of the bodies of the man who lived in the apartment 38-year-old Ortiz Ola, and two visitors 33-year-old Weldon Mason and 33-year-old Staci White from Laurel. Parker said, "There are three bodies here it is an intense amount of work on the investigators part to piece together what occurred here."

    With few leads investigators talked with residents trying to find anyone who might have known the victims or seen or heard anything which might lead to a killer or killers.

    Ola and Mason have voluminous rap sheets. Ola's in particular is riddled with drug infractions.

    While the hunt for the killer continues some at the Lexington Court Apartments reflected on three lives lost to violence just feet from them. One neighbor said, "I'm about to cry. They have no compassion, no feelings for anybody not even themselves."

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