Updated: Suspect Arrested In Murder Of Kamya Weathersby

    10:42 PM, Jan 22, 2008   |    comments
    • Kevin Banks
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    Little Rock Police have arrested 18-year-old Kevin Banks in connection with the December 29 murder of six-year-old Kamya Weathersby. "My heart dropped," said Kamya's mother, Lashandria Washington. "I didn't know them at all, didn't even know the motive. That hurts not to know what's going on." Banks was already in custody in the murder of Brent Pettus. Pettus was found shot to death in his car on Center Street on December 20. Police say Pettus had been shot seven times. Police say Banks is also believed to be responsible for shooting three people on December 5. Those shootings took place in the same neighborhood where Kamya Weathersby was shot to death. On December 29, 2007 someone shot and killed Weathersby. It was early on a Saturday morning and Kamya had fallen fast asleep in her bedroom with her 3-year-old sister. That’s when the gunfire started. The family had moved into the home just three days before. Police say the suspects had to have reloaded their guns because there were at least 50 shots fired into the Little Rock home, about a dozen of those into the little girl's bedroom. "I know they knew there were children in the house," Washington said. "Whether they thought they were in the front bedroom or the back, shooting 50 times, you were meaning to get everyone in the house." Police are searching for at least two more suspects in Kamya's murder. The reward for information in the case recently rose to $10,000. "I just want justice," Washington said. "I know it won't bring her back, but I'll feel safer knowing these people are off the streets."

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