Russellville Man Dies From H1N1, Teen Sons Speak Out

    12:30 PM, Jul 8, 2014   |    comments
    • Tim Bowen
    • Tim Bowen
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  • Friends of Tim Bowen

    Tim Bowen, 39, died November 3rd at a Fayetteville hospital. He didn't have life insurance so family and friends are paying funeral expenses so his three-teenage sons don't have to worry.

    Zach, James and Taylor Bowen are still struggling with their father's death a man who they consider their hero.

    Fifteen-year-old Taylor says, "He was like my best friends."

    Sixteen-year-old James says, "I just cherish being with him. He had this hat he wore everyday and we still have it."

    Eighteen-year-old Zach says, "We'd go camping with him out in the woods; we'd do all kinds of stuff with him. Now that he doesn't call, it definitely I feel that he is gone and I'm sad, but I'll always remember him."

    Zach says his dad was sick for about a week. "They said he was a pretty healthy man being so young, so I thought he would pull through."

    But Tim was diagnosed with pneumonia; he got a staph infection and was later diagnosed with H1N1. By the time the boys got to the hospital he was already in a medically induced coma.

    Taylor recalls, "We went in there and I got to talk to him, but he wasn't responsive." James adds, "It was pretty tough, it was hard seeing him lay there." Zach explains, "It is pretty difficult, I think it took a little bit more time for it to hit me."

    T.G Brownfield is one of Tim's best friends. He says, "To this day we still can't believe it, every time we go and do things as a group we look over our shoulders, looking for Tim to be standing there."

    Brownfield say Tim's friends are now looking after the boys and raising money to pay all of his expenses. "Everyday those boys get a phone call from somebody in our group."

    Brownfield says he can't fill Tim's void, but he'll do everything he can. He concludes, "Tim Bowen lives on through his boys, that's the least we can do is be there for them because they are him. Every time we see them, we'll see him."

    All three teens live with their mom. Tim Bowen was an army veteran and had a 21 gun salute military funeral.

    Friends of the family opened a Tim Bowen Family Fund at Arvest bank.


    There will be a fundraiser December 5th in Russellville for Tim Bowen's funeral expenses. It will be held at 7-40 Supper Club off Interstate 40 off Exit 81.

    There will be a donation drop off area and a live band. The band is Southern Addiction, the band members are Tim's friends.

    There will also be a silent auction on 'Friends of Tim Bowen' Facebook fan page.

    For more information contact Kelly Wade at (479)747-8087 or David Andrews at (479)747-8087 or click on the link to 'Friends of Tim Bowen' Facebook fan page under the picture.

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