Bryan Meads murdered in Conway in 2007

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    • Bryan Meads
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    • June Beene Apartments
    • June Beene Apartments
    • Crime Scene

    It's a story with more questions than answers.

    "It was so unreal. But it was real," says Pamela Mitchell.

    Mitchell is still grieving, still hurting, for her son Bryan Meads.

    "He would do anything for anybody," she says.

    She and her husband pray daily that his killer will be found.

    "Just taking his life just point blank. It's hard. It is hard for me to sometimes understand," Mitchell says.

    It was Oct. 21, 2007. A pretty much crime-free Conway area was in disbelief.

    Detective Melissa Grantham says "This is something that was totally unexpected."

    Meads, 30, was found dead at June Beene Apartments.

    He was shot once in his head. His cell phone was still in his hand.

    "It doesn't really matter what the motive was. It is not how this man should have died," Grantham says.

    A neighbor called 911.

    Caller: "Oh God."
    Operator: "Sir, have you gone up there to check on him to knock on the window or something?"
    Caller: "I got my motorcycle to take a ride and he's right here in the middle of the road, and I ran back to my apartment and called and I'm right on the phone with you right now.
    Operator: "So you haven't checked on him to see if he's sleeping or something?"
    Caller: "He's got blood all over him. His car is still running."

    "I kept calling his phone and it kept going to voicemail and I was just saying 'Please pick up the phone. Please pick up the phone, and he didn't answer the phone," says Mitchell.

    Hearing your child has been killed is what no mother wants to hear, which is why Mitchell tries to focus on the good times; as a child, a teen and then an adult.

    "[He was] so lovable, funny," Mitchell says.

    Meads was a father of two kids and a business owner. He'd recently opened his own barber shop.

    His stepfather, Randy Mitchell says, "He was trying to make a future for his children with his plan. He loved his boys."

    The kids are now without their dad. Meads' family wants them to know they aren't giving up fighting for justice.

    Police have interviewed more than 100 people in this case, including the majority of the residents at June Beene Apartments, but nobody seems to have seen anything. Police say they are baffled even more because the murder happened in the middle of the day.

    "We went out several different days, even on Saturdays to trying to catch the same traffic that would have been coming in and out on a day like that," says Grantham.

    It's Grantham's mission, her case since the day it happened. She's vowed to never lose hope and never give up.

    "That is not ok for someone to do something like that and then still two years later still be running around," she says.

    It's comforting to the Meads family knowing people still care and that police are still investigating.

    Randy Mitchell says, "I love her [Pamela]. This is my heart and soul and I thank God for my life because she hurts. I hurt. She wakes up. I wake up with her."

    It's a void without their son; hoping closure comes with an arrest.

    If you have any information on this murder, call the Conway Police Department on their anonymous tip line at 501-450-6135. You can also call their Criminal Investigations Division at 501-450-6130.

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    Source: Today's THV & Conway Police Department

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