Controversy over HPV vaccine continues

(KAIT) – Controversy over vaccines for the Human Papillomavirus remains in the spotlight this week. Like many vaccines, much of the controversy surrounds whether or not the gardisil vaccine is actually safe.

Dr. Charles Cesare says the benefits of the vaccine greatly outweigh the cons.

He said, "I think when you look at the risk verses the benefit, i think the risk is very minimal with a great benefit. It protects four types of the virus that account for us to 75 percent of cervical cancer and 95 percent of genital warts."

Although the three-phase vaccine targets young women, it is also recommended to young men. Dr. Cesare said there are 7,000 reported cases of HPV-related illnesses in U.S. men each year. He also said the global advisory committee for vaccines just reaffirmed the use of gardisil.


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