Mystery newlywed couple photographed in Yosemite found – kinda

A tourist who recently visited Yosemite National Park captured a stunning photo of newlyweds embracing at sunset. 

Photographer Mike Karas said he took the photo Thursday while hiking at Taft Point when he stopped to take a picture and noticed the couple off in the distance. It was the last time he saw the couple, but Karas decided to try tracking them down. 

"I know they didn't get this shot because the photographer was with them the whole time," Karas said in an email to ABC10. "By the time I finished shooting my sunset photos they had left so I couldn't ask them for their contact info."

Karas shared the beautiful shot on his Instagram in hopes it would lead him to the couple:


Do I like #Yosemite? 🤔..... I do! 👰🏼💍

A photo posted by Mike Karas (@mike.karas) on

The mystery was finally solved Tuesday. ABC7 in the Bay Area reports two professional photographers who were working with the couple's wedding party  -- Derek Copenhaver and Taylor Mccutchan -- said the newlyweds would like to remain anonymous. 

"At the moment, the couple wishes to remain anonymous as they would like to share the day with friends and family first," Mccutchan wrote to ABC7's Instagram.

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