Nearly 50 AR districts ask state to waive snow days

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Repeated Snow and ice in Arkansas lead to 47 districts applying for a state waiver to get out of making up an abnormal amount of snow days. To qualify a school district must have missed more than 10 days of school as a result of inclement weather.

Kimberly Friedman with the Arkansas Department of Education explains, "For instance, Viola school district, has missed 19 days as of Friday and they were submitting a request for nine days. So anything over the 10 days, the additional days is what you'd get the waiver for."

Districts must be able to show the state they have made an effort to make up the days. They can use make-up days built into their calendar, teacher workshop days, Spring break or tag on additional days at the end of the year. Friedman says, "This is in place to help those school districts who have had to miss a lot. When you consider 19 days that's basically almost a month."

Some parents we spoke to don't mind school being extended into the summer months. One parent says, "She says that she doesn't care because they always have fun at the end of the year. But others are in support of the waivers, "If that will help assist them then I'm for that as well."

The state board of education ultimately approves or denies those waivers . If approved the district will only be required to make up the ten missed days. Originally the deadline for the waivers was last Friday, but because of this week's weather events-- the deadline has been extended to this Friday. The state board of education will approve those waivers on March 20th.


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