Facing down flood waters in Toad Suck

PERRY COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - The ground is saturated, rivers are running high and levees have nearly topped.

Neighborhoods in Perry County have had to be abandoned as the flooding continues to flow through their floors.

Judy and Erik Rodriguez have seen several of their neighbors evacuate and leave everything they have behind. Their main goal is to keep their parents calm.

"We keep telling them don't worry, nothing is going to happen, but when we look outside something is gunna happen," said Judy.

The road outside their front yard is under water, but like the Rodriguez family, other residents aren't ready to leave their homes either.

"We're planning on staying as long as we can. We have friends and family on standby with trucks and trailers that are going to come move our stuff out," said resident Freda Paul.

Jack and Freda Paul are also waiting until the water reaches a certain point.

"When it gets up to my garden, we'll load up and pull out," said Jack Paul.

They're not too scared of the water levels yet, but their biggest issue now is the spectators.

"They don't realize the feelings we have about our property, or what we're feeling, while they're just looking," said Freda Paul.

So, Perry County deputies shut down the road into the neighborhood to prevent crowds from intruding on private property.

"What we've done here, is kept most of the sight-seers out from clogging the road way," said Sgt. Carter with the Perry County Sheriff's Department.

Sgt. Carter confirmed that a levy on the Arkansas River has broken. It's near the one that broke during the last bad flooding in Perry County in 1990.

"That's why we get the water behind us. Here is flooding the fields by Highway 60, that's an indicator that the levy has turned loose"

But a lot of the Toad Suck Park residents are riding it out and remaining optimistic.

"We must have had 20 people here. We had a fish fry and watched the water rise last night," said Jack Paul.

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