5 reasons your workout isn't working

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - You may be on the right track to working out and getting in better shape, but you may be your biggest enemy.

Here are five reasons your workout isn't working from Yahoo! Shine.

1. Your workout routine is making you eat too much - The "I burned it, I earned it" mentality of some people is working against you. The average 140 pound woman burns about 476 calories running for 45 minutes. Think you've earned that cake? An average slice of cake at a restaurant is 1,200 calories. Just half a slice and you've ruined your run.

The solution - Pair your workouts with a healthy diet that stays within the appropriate calorie range your body needs.

2. Your workout wipes you out - If your 5 a.m. boot camp workout leaves you exhausted, sore, and wanting to spend the day on the couch may be doing you more harm than good. A good workout is beneficial, but pushing your body too hard may have the opposite effect. Over training causes sugar cravings, a weakened immune system, and insomnia - all of which can contribute to weight gain.

The solution - Follow a workout plan for your current fitness level that still challenges you without draining you.

3. Your workout burns fewer calories than you think - When you hit the treadmill, don't trust the calorie burner count on the machine; it tends to overestimate by as much as 30 percent. Even the heart rate counter may not be accurate.

The solution - Use the "distance covered" counter to accurately gauge how many calories you've burned. Alex Figueroa, a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the Sports Club/LA in Boston, MA says, "For instance, if you want to burn 300 calories, jogging 3 miles, walking 4 miles, or cycling about 10 miles on a bike are known to burn this amount."

4. Your workout isn't balanced - You may love a Zumba class, but it shouldn't be the only thing you do. Doing one exercise means you aren't challenging your body and you could plateau because of it.

The solution - Create a weekly program that rotates through different exercises like cardio, strength training, and flexibility. Olson recommends fitting in at least three strength sessions and three to five cardio sessions per week for best results.

5. Your workout is stale - Have you been using the same three pound weights when you are exercising? Try some dumbbells to boost your calorie burn and muscle building. Try a class you've never done like yoga or Pilates. It's important to switch things up so your body has to work harder to perform.

The solution - Change up the intensity and style of your workout can help kick up your calorie burn to start losing weight again.

(Source: Yahoo! Shine)


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