Fitness tips for the Bride-to-Be

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (FAST FIT BOOT CAMPS) - As wedding season approaches, one of the biggest topics this year is being a "Fit Bride". More than ever, there's a desire for brides (and bride's maids) to not only fit comfortably into their wedding dress, but to look amazing in them!

Local Gym Owner and fitness expert Jeff McDaniel, along with his business partner and Nutritionist Jeff Philips, wrote a book that suggests losing 20 pounds before the big day easy and enjoyable. Their book titled "The Brides Guide to Losing 20 pounds in 28 Days", lays out simple yet strategic steps you can take to shed pounds quickly, and get the toned look everyone is after.

Five Tips:

1: Cut the cardio

2: Eat more greens

3: Drink lots of water

4: Work out the arms

5: Eat early, eat often

New Nutrition Science

"Getting a flat stomach and tone arms is easier than most people think," says McDaniel, "they just don't have a true strategy to do it! Eating 'Healthy' and moving around more just doesn't cut it – that's HOPING to get results. You have to have an actual system for getting lean."

The system that McDaniel is referring to is a combination of a relatively new nutrition science called "Carb Cycling", combined with a type of exercise known as "Metabolic Conditioning". "When you put these two strategies together," McDaniel says, "the results come faster than most people could imagine."

You Can Lose 7 pounds in 1 Week?

Philips says that trying to lose weight by eating healthy actually makes it harder to reach your goal. "You see it all the time – people think about eating 'healthy', so they try to go gluten-free, organic, vegan, and so on. But they never get toned because they're not using a step-by-step system.

See when you combine Carb Cycling with Metabolic Conditioning, you not only lose an average of 7lbs per week, but unlike with simply cutting calories, you actually have muscle definition in your arms and legs.

So as the big day approaches, and you're wanting to look your best, you might want to check out their method of Carb Cycling and Metabolic Condition to get those fast results you're looking for.

To learn more you can grab a free copy of their new book, "The Brides Guide to Losing 20lbs in 28 Days", you can visit

Jeff McDaniel, BS-ES, CPT, is a local Little Rock fitness boot camp instructor and personal trainer. To book him to speak at your local Little Rock club, business, or organization, please contact him by email at or by phone at 501-425-0661. For a free two-week trial to his Little Rock boot camp to experience the best personal training in Little Rock please visit


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