Tips to lose weight without working out

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We have some great ideas for ways to lose 10 pounds without working out. These four science based shortcuts come from Yahoo! Shine.

1. Dim the lights! A new study from Cornell University says the secret to eating less--and feeling more satisfied about what you do eat--could be this simple.

Scientists think that's because the harsh fluorescent lights commonly found in fast food restaurants may create a psychological need to rush through meals and eat more.

So light a candle or two at dinnertime, and you may be less stimulated to gobble up your food.

2. Don't tell yourself what you can't eat. Whether you're trying to sidestep a fast food drive thru, mom's home cooking, or your favorite holiday treat, using the word can't makes you feel punished. Instead, Researchers say use the word don't!

Reminding yourself you "don't" eat certain foods helps steer your willpower towards a healthier lifestyle.

3.Wet your whistle. You're more likely to crave veggies than greasy french fries, if you pair a meal with water instead of other beverages. Researchers found that adults who drank water were more likely to eat their vegetables and make other healthy food choices than if they sipped on soda.

So pour yourself a tall glass of water before your meals, and your appetite may follow suit.

4. Look forward to eating! If you can't stop thinking about lunch, go ahead and keep fantasizing. Researchers say Anticipating a meal can actually lower your body's levels of the appetite hormone that makes you think you're hungry.

5. Think thin. The more you tell yourself you're "chubby" or "fat" decreases your odds of hitting your goal weight. Over a 10-year span, 59 percent of women who started out with an average body mass index of 20 but thought they were overweight, wound up packing on weight and watching their BMI swell to more than 25.

6. Stop looking at sugar. Whenever you see advertisements of sugary sweets or junk food, look away. Seeing those images stimulates parts of the brain that control hunger and the reward center.

7. Get plenty of sleep. One study from the Mayo Clinic shows getting less than 6 ½ hours of sleep a night can lead to consuming as many as 500 excess calories in a day.

8. Grabbing a drink? Think straight. A British study found that people consumed 60 percent more alcohol, sugary sodas, and juices if the glass they drank from was curvy, rather than a straight tumbler. The researchers speculate that people drink faster from the curvy glasses because it's harder to tell when you're at the halfway point, so you reach for another drink sooner and end up consuming more.


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