11 Listens: Behind-the-scenes on how 311 handles calls

11 Listens: Behind-the-scenes of how 311 handles calls

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Nearly a month has passed and people in one Little Rock neighborhood are wondering why so much yard waste is still on their curbs. According to the city, crews are back on regular schedule with yard waste pick-ups.    

One Southeast Little Rock resident said she just wants the city to fix the problem.

"We understand it's a problem for the citizens, and we want it resolved," said 311 City Service Manager Jameson Dehner.

He along with five other staff members help to solve issues for residents in Little Rock.

Dehner said, "We're responsible for putting in and filling requests for every department the city has."

Callers speak with a representative who takes their information and a description of the non-emergency problem. Usually, the city handles the issue within one to two business days. If that doesn't happen, the caller can ask to have the complaint reviewed.

"If it gets to me a lot of them usually do at that point, I will get their information and then I call and just take it up the next level," said Dehner.

As with all things mistakes are bound to happen and complaints can fall through the cracks.

"In my neighborhood, they just take their time about picking up anything," said homeowner Judy Smith who lives in Southeast Little Rock.

She and her neighbors have filed complaints about two piles of debris in her yard.

Smith said, "I have trash in the front and in the back that's been here for probably about six weeks or seven weeks."

According to Smith, she said she's contacted 311 multiple times. Sometimes even weekly. The city left a note stating they'll be back with specialized equipment in 30 days. Smith said those days have already passed.

After calling 311 myself about Smith's yard waste issue I was told that the complaint was closed, even though the yard waste was still there. Dehner decided to reopen the claim for Judy Smith's yard waste issue. Dehner said that his team is sticking to the goal of helping solve problems for residents in Little Rock one issue at a time.

"We get that they're calling in and they have good reason for it. So, the more that they call in, the more we can make it an issue," he said.

Dehner suggests that people download the 311 app. It allows residents to file a complaint and track the status of an open ticket.


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