Abandoned dogs across Little Rock a growing concern

Abandoned dogs across the city of Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (KTHV) - People across the city of Little Rock are abandoning their dogs at parks and random places throughout the city. A problem, Tracy Roark with the Animal Village wants addressed.

“We bring in about 4,000 dogs a year and a good portion of those are strays that are just unwanted on the streets,” he said.

Roark said that Southwest Little Rock is the area where most strays are found.

“These dogs have a heart, they feel and they're being left out somewhere they don’t know they're going to be scared,” he said.

Cruelty to an animal is a class A misdemeanor. The misdemeanor comes with up to a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison.

Roark said, "They just don't know what to do with them so they find them somewhere to go and just let them loose.”

Homeless dogs is a familiar problem to Skikissiah and Andrea Dobbins, who said they see multiple stray dogs in their neighborhood. They, along with others, agree that it's cruel and mean to abandon any dog.

Illegally dumping animals is a problem that could be easily fixed. Calling a shelter, instead of abandoning them, would save the city money and yourself from any potential criminal problems.

Roark explained, “If you have a dog that's in the city of Little Rock and it's a stray, bring it here. That's what we do is try to find homes for animals.”

The Little Rock Animal Village is open from Tuesday through Saturday from ten to five, they encourage you to bring dogs to them if you no longer want them or can't care for them.


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