High school students creating language app

BRYANT, Ark. (KTHV) – The saying, 'there's an app for that,' is taking on a new meaning in one Bryant high school class.

There, an entire class is devoted to teaching how to develop apps, and it's about more than coming up with the next new game or social media network.

In room 418 at Bryant High school two things are being taught. One through the use of the other.

It's an app that breaks down a communication barrier in the classroom.

"It basically teaches him the basics of English and what he'll need every day during class."

Daniel Moix teaches Mobile Application Development, and he gave students a simple assignment: find a need and fulfill it with the creation of an app.

"The purpose of the assignment was to help the students understand the process of creating an application from start to finish," said Moix.

What started as a way to reinforce what they've learned turned into so much more.

Jake Forst and Drew Upton used their assignment to help communicate with a fellow South Korean student.

"They created an app that would provide the student with some guides and cheat sheets kind of," said Moix.

It is similar to a Google Translator confined into a single app.

"On our U.S. slang button, we have common phrases and responses and on the whole app we have English and Korean so our student can understand what we're saying to him," said Forst and Upton.

"If there's a Spanish student that didn't know any English we could recode it easily to Spanish so that they could learn also."


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