Department of Emergency Management assesses Brinkley flooding

BRINKLEY, Ark. (KTHV)- For the town of Brinkley, first came the flooding, then came the clean up, and now, the wait.

Homeowners are waiting to find out if the Department of Emergency Services will provide Monroe county assistance. The Department is trying to find out how much money each home needs. It's all depending on how much property damage there was in the area.

The department along with the county's emergency services department assessed 14 homes that were affected the most.

"We went up to the homes and checked the water level, this showed how flooded the homes were in the inside," said P.K. Norman, Monroe County Emergency Services. "Some of these homes were flooded by 12 to 13 inches of rain."

Ollie Lawless says at this point, any type of assistance would help. "We lost everything in our house, from three beds, all our TVs, our furniture, our clothes, my kid's toys, their shoes," said Lawless. "I mean just everything that they had."

Her son's grandfather says the family is really struggling to get back on their feet. ""They're just doing it out their pocket for the time being. They're getting help from around the community to help clean up, but no one is getting paid for their efforts."

The Department of Emergency Management says it will take a couple of days to assess just how much damage the county received and if it qualifies for assistance.


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