Families sorting through flooded homes in Brinkley

BRINKLEY, Ark. (KTHV) - The water problem in Brinkley still remains, but is much better. The Office of Emergency Management says while much of the water has receded, people are just getting their first glimpses of the damages.

"Most people that had water in their home have severe damage from [the water] being there that long," said Monroe County Emergency Management Coordinator P.K. Norman.

He says more than 30 homes sustained damage from the flood waters.

"Some of the houses did not have water in them but everything around them was ruined. [Almost] everybody has an outbuilding with stuff in them and everything [in there] is just ruined."

29-year Brinkley resident Covella Jackson was one of those thirty homeowners. She's lived through her fair share of floods but nothing like the one that drowned her home this month.

"Wow, just wow. It was just a mess. A total loss," she said in disbelief.

From the moldy pots, to the still-soggy furniture nearly everything in Jackson's home was damaged one way or another, and it's just one representation of the dozens of other homes that rot along her street.

"We have put in for every kind of assistance that's possible," said Norman. "Right now [the state office of emergency management] is gathering numbers not only from us but from all the counties that are affected."

Norman is unsure if the county will get funding, but will tour the damage tomorrow to assess the damage throughout town.

And even if they don't get funding from the state Jackson says she'll be ok because, despite the damages, she is looking on the bright side and keeping her head above water

"I mean we have a dry nice place [to stay now]," Jackson said in between laughs. "We don't have to worry about walking in the water."


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