Family pays it forward to their community

VILONIA, Ark. (KTHV) - A story of inspiration and hope in Vilonia today came from a woman who needed the same boost just a month ago.

In a fire, one Vilonia family lost everything they had just a month ago.

This community came to their rescue. Now, because they were spared in the tornado, they are turning the tables and paying it forward.

Lindsey Bolin and her family knows exactly what it's like to lose everything.

Just one month ago, her home caught fire, burning everything they owned.

"The very next day we had people from all over in Vilonia reaching out, asking clothes sizes, what our kids favorite toys were," said Bolin.

Anything they needed, the community was there.

"And I know for a fact that five of those families that gave to us have now lost everything that they own," said Bolin.

When this family thought all hope was lost they found it within their community. Now, less than a month later, they are able to restore that same sense of hope back into their community at a time when they probably need it the most.

"I hurt for them because I know what it felt like."

Every day this week the family has been providing food to victims and helping them clean up to begin rebuilding: a lesson in paying it forward that Bolin's children will never forget.

"The first thing he said was mom I can find what toys I have," said Bolin.

Her 7-year-old was so willing to give up those same toys that were just given to him.

The family said that they went through the first tornado, the fire, and now the second tornado all within three years. People have asked them why won't they move, but they said it's the people in this community that make them stay.


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