Keeping dogs safe on July 4th

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Something many families do not think about is how the Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous days for dogs. Fireworks and picnic food can both add a trip to the animal hospital to your July 4th plans.

Taking a bone off of your plate and giving it to your dog may seem harmless, but some doctors say giving a bone off your plate to your dog is dangerous. Fireworks can also cause a scare for some dog owners.

"He is super timid," said Brittny Giessmann. "He is afraid of everything."

Rowdy is a Golden Retriever Lab mix. He has been in Giessmann's life for three years now.

So it is understandable, the Fourth of July is not his favorite.

"Scared just pacing back and forth," said Giessmann.

One July 4th, she left her dogs at home. Giessmann said she will never do that again.

"I got home and the fence was open, and they were gone because they got so scared they knocked the fence down," said Giessmann. "I was pretty much hysterical."

Luckily, Giessmann found Rowdy and her other dog in the front yard.

Besides fireworks, picnic food can create even bigger problems for dogs.

"Let's just refrain from giving any type of bones to our pets," said Briarwood Animal Hospital Doctor Bob Hale.

Hale said it is because the rib bones off our barbecue get stuck in their throats.

"Usually our day after a Fourth of July or Memorial Day or Labor Day is usually people calling about their dogs not feeling well because they have given them something to eat that is not normal," said Hale.

While Giessmann says she does not have to worry about Rowdy getting table scraps, she will be keeping him close to her side when those fireworks start shooting up in the sky.

"Just plan on people popping these fire crackers, and if you have a dog that is nervous about it, talk to your veterinarian. Let's give them a sedative and make them calm down," said Hale.

Hale says the best thing to do is to get them a sedative and put them in a quiet place in the house, such as a closet.

Some other foods that are hazardous to dogs are avocados, onions, grapes and raisins. And even though we are expecting a pleasant weekend, it is good to get in the habit of remembering to keep fresh water out.


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