Labor Day gas prices hit four-year low

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – While prices for produce may be soaring this year, gassing up the car this holiday weekend doesn't cost as much. AAA says gas prices are at a four-year low; for Nationwide, the average is about $3.50.

As for Little Rock, the prices are even lower. Gasoline prices here in Little Rock are averaging about $3.08 for a gallon of unleaded fuel. With so many people traveling during the weekend, the low prices certainly helped smooth the way for some drivers heading home today.

As for traffic, a couple of road travelers gave their impressions on the trip home.

"Traffic wasn't too bad. A little bit rough going home today because so many people are out on the road getting back home," remarked John Kimmer, of Shreveport, La.

"The roads were easy on the way here. On the way back so far, we got a little stopped up, but we exited and got something to eat. That's about it," added Taryn Peckham, of Alison, Texas.

Labor Day weekend is a holiday we spend on the road. Experts say that of the millions taking trips today, two out of three will drive versus about 26 percent who will fly.


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