Little Rock announces rebranding for neighborhood alert centers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Responding to residents' requests and concerns, the city of Little Rock is re-branding its community alert centers. These centers will serve as a hub of information, providing residents with resources they need.

With help from a study conducted by University of Arkansas in Little Rock (UALR), the 13 centers across the city will serve a new purpose.

"They talked to residents, they talked to city staff, [and] they talked to community stake holders to get their assessment on how they felt about the centers," said Andre Bernard, director of Housing and Neighborhood Programs for the city. He believes the new format will provide services to a wide range of people, from aging seniors all the way down to young mothers in need of assistance. "We're no longer just specifically just targeting crime issues although the COPP officers are an important part of that, but how do we address more now, some of the social services."

Once slated as a place to provide better safety for residents in the area. The city now hopes these centers will serve a much larger purpose.

"So, now we're saying we're in the PIT—prevention, intervention and treatment. So, now we're treating a societal problem differently," he explained.

Annie Abrams, longtime resident of the Wright Avenue Neighborhood, said the area is a piece of history that is currently being redeveloped. Looking toward the future, Abrams is reminded that you don't know where you're going unless you know where you've been, putting preservation at the forefront.

For Bernard, he believes it's a concept that will bring neighbors together.

"Get more involved, put together neighborhood plans, take back dilapidated and neglected properties, so that's kind of the focus now is how do we rebuild those communities?"

The Neighborhood Association will also soon submit a plan for redevelopment here along Wright Avenue.


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