Event held to protest police brutality

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Protests in a St. Louis suburb have sparked a national movement.

Cities across the country held a moment of silence on Thursday against police brutality, including here in Little Rock.

Organizers said this was a last minute effort to show the residents of Ferguson the rest of the nation is behind them. Tonight's moment of silence provided a break in the ongoing violence and riots we've seen following Michael Brown's death.

On a quiet summer night at the Arkansas state capitol, a call for change among residents frustrated with law enforcement's handing of the Michael brown death investigation in Ferguson Missouri.

"The people of Ferguson need to know the people around this country support them and that we're tired of being singled out because of who we are," said Melvin Clayton.

Witnesses say the unarmed Brown had his hands in the air when a Ferguson officer shot multiple times, killing him.

Thursday, a national moment of silence was observed at 6:20 central time in more than 90 cities across America.

"I think this is beautiful. This is amazing that so many people could come together in Little Rock."

"The movement that happened in Ferguson is not exclusive to Ferguson. We know that it can happen anywhere, anytime, any city."

Local organizer Calandra Davis said while she only blames a portion of law enforcement officers for police brutality, "the system is messed up. We need to fix it and in order to do so the people will have to continue to fight, continue to come together. We can't burn out, we can't get tired, we can't lose our voice. We have to continue on."


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