New bike lane still causing confusion

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- A new downtown bike lane is getting support from bicyclists and push back from others. After the third week of the recent changes to Louisiana Street, some drivers are still confused.

"I just don't think Little Rock is ready," said Cory Walker after parking his car in the new lanes. "If it were a bigger city with more space, I could understand it."

The city said the resurfacing project on Louisiana Street made implementing the new lane cost effective. "All the conditions were right to do this type of bike lane," said Jon Honeywell, spokesperson from the Department of Works.

The bike lane separates bicyclists from traffic, placing the lane between the sidewalk and parked cars, that way bicyclists aren't pedaling next to oncoming traffic.

"We're only doing these types of projects where adding the lane could be incorporated into other bigger, capital projects."

The project was done after organizers from the city's Bike Friendly Community Committee pushed to get protected lanes installed. "Protected bike lanes are nice because it gives us an added layer of protection from the cars in traffic," said spokesperson for the group, Jeremy Lewno.

Although it's already been weeks since the lane was opened, people haven't adjusted.

"What I don't particularly get is why they chose different ways to lay out bike lanes," said Barry Goldmen. "The bike lanes on Main Street aren't in between the curb and cars. Those bike lanes look normal, why aren't we being more consistent?"

The city will hold a meeting to answer questions from the public next Thursday- from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lafayette building on Louisiana Street.


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