Police warn drivers about return of Florida Lane Gang

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV)- Police in Little Rock have arrested two members of the Florida Felony Lane Gang. Detective Paige Lane, who has been following the crime ring for the last two years, said the group stopped breaking into cars shortly after the arrests.

"The men break in the cars, the women cash the checks. It's cut and dry." We first reported the story to you in February. Police say the group breaks into cars to steal a person's driver's license and checkbook.

After some time, they cash the checks in another city. "This is a very organized group." They have been operating since the early 90's. "The women who help them, which are often prostitutes, will look at the driver's license and impersonate the woman," said Cline.

Cline added that the women use wigs and heavy make-up to look as similar to the victim as possible. "They will then use the information from multiple victims and cash each other's checks."

Lamont Moore goes to the Big Dam Bridge three times a week. "I left the window down like it is, and I left the door unlocked like it is." Moore doesn't leave any valuable items in his truck, just his registration and insurance card.

Moore says in some situations it's more expensive to replace the window. "There was some glass in the middle of the parking lot a couple months back," said Moore. "Somebody that busted somebody's windows out and took whatever they wanted to take."

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