Memorial service set for truck driver killed in 440 wreck

Memorial service set for truck driver killed in 440 wreck

SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - A memorial service has been scheduled for the truck driver who died in the fiery wreck Wednesday along I-440 in Little Rock.

A service in honor of Terry Harrell, 60, of Jacksonville will be held Saturday, March 22 at 11 a.m. at Sherwood First Church of Nazarene.

Harrell was killed when the freightliner truck he was driving was involved in a wreck near MileMarker 5 of 440 Wednesday afternoon.

Family and friends continue to cry for the truck driver who died in this fiery crash. Harrell had been driving for Walmart for 23 years, traveling more than two million miles.

What happened on I-440 certainly has many people, who also drive for a living, thinking about what could be done to make our roads safer.

For the past 32 years, Steve McComb has been climbing into a truck, starting it up and driving for miles. He has racked up more than four million and has seen a lot long the way.

"I've seen people backing up on the interstate," said McComb.

He has also witness people cutting in front of trucks and driving in their blind spots.

"They do not realize what these trucks can and cannot do," said McCom. "How long it takes to stop or get going again or anything."

So how long does it take to stop?

"The average driver does not realize it takes an entire football field to stop these things from the time you identify it, react to it and it happens," said McCom. "That is at 55 miles and hour."

"You really do have to drive for you and for everyone around you," said Truck Driver Kendric Robinson. "You really do."

Compared to McComb, Kendric Robinson has not been driving trucks that long. He has been on the road for four and a half years. He says he sees a lot of dangerous things and you need to pay attention.

"If it does not cost me my life," said Robinson. "It could cost somebody else's."

McComb says better educating drivers will save lives.

"If it can be stopped or curtailed," said McComb. "I mean you read these accident signs in these states of the accidents they have had to date. How many of those would have happened if they had the proper training. On the trucking level and the car level. As long as you're educating people it is going to do good."

A reconstruction team is working to figure out what exactly happened. State police say all the information will then be given to a prosecuting attorney, who will determine any charges. THV is told the driver of the car that was allegedly backing up on the interstate is in good condition. No word on the other two involved.

The preliminary report suggested that a vehicle was reversing on the highway when an 18-wheeler hit it, causing the fiery wreck.


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