Murder in Southwest LR leaves family heartbroken

Shooting in SWLR leaves one dead

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - One Little Rock man is dead after a gunfight broke out in a front yard in the Southwest part of the city. A mother and her three children witnessed it all unfold and called the police just four days after moving to the neighborhood. It started with an earlier disturbance call. Police returned later to find a body in the middle of the road.

Mother of three Chameka Rogers is shocked at what happened.

"I just can't believe he is gone, though. I can't believe that,“ she said.

A newcomer to the community called the police about a disturbance and hours later it's a murder.

Rogers said, “He fell dead in the middle of the road."

Rogers said she was inside her home when she heard a fight outside. She realized it was her boyfriend and another family member. That prompted the first call to the cops.

Lt. Stephen McClanahan said, “When they arrived on the earlier disturbance they had information that no weapons were involved."

According to Rogers, people involved in the fight thought her boyfriend pulled out a gun and aimed it at her nephew.

Rogers said, "He never did pull the gun out. He had a gun in his pocket, but he never pulled it out."

Word spread on the street quick. Rogers said while talking with family in her street, two men riding in a gray Cadillac pulled up, got out the car and started shooting her boyfriend.

Rogers added, "Both of them shot him. They shot him from every which away."

The shooters left his body in the street. Rogers called it a set-up. She believed the men came with the intention of taking her boyfriend's life.

“I believe it was plotted up. They left here and came back twice," explained Rogers.

Hours later, police arrested 40-year-old Donald Lee Brown. He's charged with first-degree murder. Police continue to look for who else may be involved.

"He lost his life last night over some foolishness." Rogers said.


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