Must See: Local musician covers THV11's theme song in a unique way

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- YouTube is a platform to get your talent noticed, and a University of Central Arkansas student is using the site to show off the unique way he makes music.

We first met Dan Newbie back in March of this year, when his first YouTube video went viral. He performs covers of songs, but only using everyday household items, like wine glasses, pots, pans, even pencils.

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That first video even got acknowledgement from the song's original artist, Pharrell Williams, on social media. "I had to double check and make sure it was the official Pharrell account," said Newbie.

But to the man behind the music, this hobby isn't a ploy to get noticed saying he started from what he says, "Boredom I think."

Newbie makes these videos to have some fun, but along the way acquired an online following. "The response was unexpected and very humbling," said Newbie, which he says inspired him to want to make more videos for his fans. "I actually had a couple people write me letter."

Now Newbie has seven videos posted on YouTube, including covers of songs from "Frozen" and "Game of Thrones."

So we decided to put Dan to the test to see if he could take the everyday sounds of the THV11 newsroom, like the pour of a cup of coffee, and make that into a song. Newbie came to the THV11 studio on a hunt for natural sound in our work space.

Check it out: (

"Basically running through the building, and collecting sounds," said Newbie. And capturing the true noise takes a creative eye, patience, and many parts.

"After setting the mic and making sure I get the best possible sound, I start recording," said Newbie.

He uses a field recorder to test the sound quality and clarity. Newbie says he uses the tool to, "Make sure to get a very loud sound, something that I can use and cut and edit or play with."

He does this to shape the sound into a beat he can use. "Then I let the person have some fun, clap or dance," said Newbie.

While Newbie records the fun, he's having fun himself. "I'm just happy that I'm able to make someone's day or make someone smile, make something that people can share and have fun with online," said Newbie.

For Newbie, it's not about the fame, so he keeps a low profile. THV11 reporter Marielle Mohs asked Newbie, "What do your coworkers think of all of this?" Newbie responded, "They actually don't know! So 'Hey Shawn, Het Catherine!'"

Newbie is far from home, coming to Arkansas all the way from Congo, Africa. "Yeah, I love this place. It's kind of my home now," said Newbie, "This is home."

Again, this is just a hobby for Newbie. He has a full time job at Axiom and got his degree in computer science and business from UCA.

For a look at all of Dan Newbie's videos go to his Youtube page.


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