Arkansas police searching for 24 stolen guns

WHITE HALL, Ark. (KTHV) - "It's rare for us to have burglaries period and something like this is very unusual," Assistant Chief Paul Brown of White Hall Police Department explained.

Hunter's Refuge in White Hall is one of two businesses burglarized within a week. In both cases, suspects were after one thing, guns. Brown added, "The suspects when they entered the business they knew exactly where to go which leads us to believe that they had been in the business before and knew what they were looking for."

The two suspects stole 21 hand guns in a matter of 45 seconds. Just seven miles away at Pawn City Pawn Shop in Pine Bluff thieves made off with more guns. Sara Milner said, "Well they took thirty minutes beating on the door to break it in, and then once they got inside there of course the alarm went off." Milner said the suspects then ran outside, waited about four minutes and then returned.

Milner continues, "Got inside and that's when they got the AR-15s." Three of them to be exact. Milner added, "When I pulled up, they had cut a hole probably about this big, into the door." You can see just how big the hole is in the surveillance video as one of the suspects leaves. Milner said, "These kids that are doing this they have no respect for themselves. They don't have any respect for other people."

Milner said this is the third time this year that her business has been burglarized. She said, "We've done everything we can think to do to keep them out." Now, Milner deals with frustration. She said, "It's very frustrating having a business. You know people are always complaining about the economy and prices. Well this is what's causing prices to go up for small businesses." And she is also concerned about the number of stolen guns being in the hands of criminals. She says, "It's scary."


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