Road to a Better Community: Cjcohn Ministry

Cjcohns Ministries

BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - Philanthrophy has turned a converted garage into something more. Inside, volunteers are working hard to provide people that need the most basic necessity; food.

From chicken to Cheerio's, volunteers work in this small storage room. Every move they make sorting items or stacking cans is seemingly automatic. Volunteers have been coming to Cjcohn's Ministry for years to help give back to the community.

"I do inventory in my sleep," said food chairman Pam May. She's been the chairman for 12 years now.

"I know the mac and cheese is over there, I know the Ramen noodles are here and I know there's peanut butter over here," she said.

Pam is one of over 200 volunteers from 14 rotating churches throughout Saline County. Whether it's Benton or Bryant, it seems everyone works together at Cjcohn's.

"You see people transformed. They come in and they don't know where to turn," said volunteer Anne Carpenter.

For 40 years Cjcohn's has come to life every Tuesday and Friday. Over a quarter of a million people have gotten help from them.

During those four decades they've managed to bag a few miracles. One year, Pam May was worried they were going to come up short on turkeys to give away.

"The phone rang and it was a man from Woodman of the World," she recalled, "and he said we're thinking we would help your organization this year so we would like to give you 50 turkeys."


Surprises like that happen often at Cjcohn's Ministry. Food goes out and somehow, each year, more food comes in from volunteers and donations.

Miss Marilyn, who works upstairs in the clothing department, said, "A lot of times they say God bless you as they go out the door and we are all blessed. We're all blessed."

Even though the second "c" in Cjcohn's has been silenced, the work at the food pantry has not.

They continue keep strong, serving well over 250,000 people total or to put it another way the equivalent to 10 Salt Bowls.


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