Spider sightings on the rise due to heavy rains

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – An unusually wet July has brought more than flooding problems to the natural state. We've had viewers tell us they're seeing a lot more 8-legged arachnids around their homes.

From the garden spider to the black widow, homeowners and exterminators are finding them everywhere. With the rain, they tend to move inside to get close to their food sources like silverfish, crickets, and firebrats.

"With as much rain as we've had, they're starting to move inside, close to the houses and their food sources," said Rick Hatten, owner of Hatten's Pest Control. "So we're starting to see a lot more spiders."

One of the most common spiders in Arkansas is the Brown Recluse. They have six eyes instead of eight like a typical spider. They come in various shades of brown and they have a distinctive violin-shaped pattern on their bodies.

Poison control specialist Pam Rossi said that they are typically true to their name.

"They are reclusive, they are kind of dry, and like dark shadowy places." Rossi said.

The U.S. had nearly 1,400 reported cases of brown recluse bites in 2012. Arkansas had 20.

"Sometimes you'll see the spider and feel the bite and sometimes you happen to find a lesion on your body that is suspicious," Rossi said.

If you think you've been bitten by a brown recluse, you should call poison control or a doctor as soon as possible or you could have permanent skin damage.

"You can probably find one in every single house in the state of Arkansas," said Hatten. "Probably not in the living area, probably more than likely underneath the house and in the attics."

The best thing to do when you see one is be cautious. And if you're unsure what to do, calling a professional might be the best approach.


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