Stormy weather causing problems for tornado cleanup crews

MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KTHV) – The upcoming rain is going to be a problem for those still cleaning up from last week's tornado.

Volunteers and property owners on Dam Road in Mayflower shutdown cleanup efforts around 2 p.m. Thursday as Mother Nature starts causing problems once again.

Genieve Long, a Mayflower resident, has been helping her close friend who lost her home recover from the tornado. Now, she worries more bad weather will prolong that process.

FORECAST: Arkansas Weather: Thunderstorms expected today (

"Her children went through a tornado, my children went through the tornado, and they hear thunderstorms, and it goes into an automatic panic frenzy. Are we going to get hit again? Are we going to lose everything again?" Long said.

"I've been dreading this rain for a week," added tornado victim Jessica Hunt. "It's been in the forecast, and it's just had to ramp up the process, and we're already an emotional wreck."

Volunteer coordinators also worry that debris and exposure to loose objects could put volunteers in danger.

"As the debris moves into the storm water culverts, the likely hood of flash flooding increases, and the last thing we want is any volunteers out," explained Wes Criaglow with Team Rubicon.

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