10 foods you can freeze

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Today is we're giving you ten foods that you might know have known you could freeze to keep them from going bad from Answers.com.

1. Bread - Freezing an extra loaf of your favorite bread ensures you never run out or are stuck with a moldy loaf. Just pop the bag in the freezer somewhere it won't get squished. When you are ready to eat, let it defrost overnight on the counter.

2. Garlic - Freezing your garlic keeps it fresh and flavorful. It's also a good way to store it without stinking up your house or fridge. Chop it up beforehand and store in cubes for easy cooking.

3. Cheese - Blocks of cheese can be frozen for months without going bad -- and if you let it defrost completely before moving to the fridge -- it won't get dry and crumbly. To make sure shredded cheese doesn't freeze together in chunks - add a little cornstarch or flour to the bag and shake well.

4. Chips - Storing chips in the freezer keeps them from going stale and losing their flavor. Store whole fresh bags or the last few bites of an opened bag. You can enjoy them straight out of the ice box without needing to defrost.

5. Onions - If you are sensitive to onions, one trick is to keep them frozen before use. This can make them difficult to chop but you can also pre-chop a whole batch at once, throw them in bags and not have to worry about cutting onions for months.

6. Fresh Herbs - If you have fresh herbs in your garden that you know you won't be able to use before the season is over, cut up and freeze in cubes of butter for easy use in the winter months. You wouldn't even know they aren't fresh

7. Eggs - Eggs can be cracked and frozen in bags for scrambled eggs or individually in ice cube trays for up to a year. Just let them thaw in the fridge and use as you normally would.

8. Rice - Rice can be frozen raw for storage or cooked halfway and frozen for easy cooking later on. This works especially well for brown rice -- which takes longer to cook.

9. Vegetable Scraps - Save the butts and ends of carrots, celery, peppers, onions, potato skins, in the freezer until you have a full bag. You can use these scraps to make a healthful broth for soup later on.

10 Citrus Rinds - Instead of wasting a full piece of fruit whenever a recipe calls for lemon or orange zest, save the rinds of the fruit for up to six months in your freezer and use as needed.


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