5 essential life lessons

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Studies have shown that people who enjoy meaningful ties with others are happier, have fewer health problems, and are more resilient.

So this morning we're giving you five essential life lessons courtesy of Psychology Today.

1. Radical Acceptance Saves the Day - The idea that we can fix perceived flaws in our partners remains tantalizing. How do we fix this? "Look inward to fix the problem." Recognizing that you'll never be in sync about some matters.

2. A Little Neglect Is Good for Kids - Regularly stepping in to protect kids from stress may actually hurt them in the long run. Kids who are used to getting everything they want begin to think, "I'm entitled to everything but I don't have the abilities to achieve what I want." It's better to let kids live with occasional disappointment and resolve their own problems as much as possible.

3. Opposites Don't Forever Attract - Studies have repeatedly underscored the importance of shared values and personality traits as well as closeness in age. But some experts believe that when couples are overly similar - the relationship can become too predictable." So what's the happy medium? Seek a partner whose passions differ enough from yours to expand your experience -- but with whom you're aligned on big-picture issues.

4. Lust Wanes - Love Remains - Too often couples assume a relationship is beyond repair when the intense romantic excitement ends and the arguing begins. But research doesn't support this. Successful couples argue it's how they do it that matters. Rather than get caught up in complaints, work to restore connection.

5. Social Networks Matter - A study found people with active social lives were 50-percent less likely to die of any cause than their non-social counterparts. A low level of social interaction has the same negative effect as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.


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