5 reasons to wash your sheets more often

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- There's a reason why experts recommend washing your sheets once a week. Here are five disturbing reasons to wash your sheets more often from Answers.com.

1. Sweat - Humans can sweat out 6 to 14 liters of fluid a day. Since most people spend an average of 7 to 8-hours per night in bed, the sheets and mattress have the potential of soaking up almost 4-liters of sweat per person each night.

2. Dead skin - People shed dead skin all the time. On the average day, a human will shed more than 14-million particles of skin. The bed is just one of the many places that pick up a large amount of it.

3. Dust mites - The dust mite is a microscopic bug that feeds on dead skin. A buildup of these mites can cause nasty allergic reactions, because of the strong digestive enzymes in the mite's fecal matter.

4. Fecal matter - No matter how clean a person tries to be, they are going to carry fecal matter on their clothing and skin, which later ends up on the sheets.

5. Oils - Along with sweat, the skin regularly secretes oils. Over time, the buildup of oils on sheets can cause acne. This is why sheets, especially pillows and pillowcases, need regular cleaning.


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