5 summer car tips

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Hot temperatures can mean trouble for your ride, but a few tricks can help you keep your car cool. Here are five summer car tips every driver should know from Reader's Digest.

1. A hot interior - Cool down faster by driving with the windows rolled down and the air cranked up, which forces out the hot air and allows the cool air to circulate. In a few minutes, when the air inside the car is about the same temperature as the air outside, you're ready to roll up the windows.

2. A scorching steering wheel - Prevent burning your hands with this trick. Turn the wheel 180 degrees before getting out of the car. That way, the side you touch is safely in the shade while you're out.

3. Your seats are stinky - A hot car can also mean a smelly car. To get rid of the stench, tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning. When you blast the A-C, your ride will get a refresher too. Stash a box of dryer sheets under the passenger seat for maximum deodorizing as you travel.

4. It's sunny out - Spending time in the sun is just as bad for your car as it is for you. Sun damage can cause paint and interiors to fade. To prevent problems, park in a garage when possible and invest in a sunshade.

5. A blown-out tire - Tires are more prone to blowouts in the hot summer months. Under-inflated tires are most at risk. Periodically check your tread by sticking a penny into the groove of the tire with Lincoln's head facing inwards. If you can see the top of Abe's head, it's time for a new set.


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