5 ways to help a lonely pet

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- If you want to keep your dog or cat happy when you're away - here are five tips on avoid pet loneliness and getting their tails wagging again from Have Dog Will Travel.

1. Exercise your pet before leaving - Take your dog on a walk or play a game of "chase the string" with your cat. This exercise will tire and calm your pet physically - so they can utilize the alone time to catch up on rest.

2. Arrange regular midday visits - The best-case scenario is when you can use your lunch break to spend time with your pet. But if you're schedule doesn't allow for this - consider a pet sitter who can give them attention when you're gone.

3. Provide engaging play toys - Leave your dog or cat's favorite toys and anything else you can think of so they can stay entertained while you're gone. While treats may not last long in toys, you can also try putting them inside a toy to provide a mental challenge.

4. Capitalize on sensory stimulants - Whether it's a shady outdoor space when your pet can watch birds and squirrels or leaving the TV on Animal Planet for them, there are many ways to ensure your pet has entertainment and peace-of-mind while you are away.

5. Find a furry friend - A common solution is to adopt a second pet as a companion for your dog or cat but, if that isn't an option, pre-arrange pet play-dates. But of course, take the time to consider how your pet would react to this and what kind of pet is ideal.


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