5 words not to say to your insurance company

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- When you file a claim with your insurance company, think before you speak. On this Consumer Tuesday, here are five words never to say to your insurance company from Insure.com.

1. Sorry - You may say "I'm sorry" out of habit or embarrassment after a car crash, but hold your tongue at the scene of an accident. Let a police officer determine fault. You don't want your words to cause confusion about your role in an accident, especially if you weren't at fault.

2. Whiplash - Whiplash claims are the bane of insurance companies, which are on constant alert against bogus medical claims. Don't self-diagnose your injuries from an accident. If you suspect trauma, see a doctor and get the medical report.

3. Customized - Remember that customizing and upgrades to your car may not be covered by insurance or only up to $2,000. In fact, some modifications can void your auto insurance policy.

4. Breakdown - Your car won't start in the morning or your axle snaps. You don't have an insurance claim; you have a mechanical breakdown. And breakdowns aren't covered by auto insurance unless you specifically added mechanical breakdown coverage to your policy.

5. Coincidence - Insurance companies tend to look even closer on anyone who insists an unusual situation was just "coincidence." For example, "It's just a coincidence that my car was in that vacant lot on the other side of town and the driver's seat mysteriously caught fire." Insurers will suspect the fire was on purpose rather than coincidence.


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