6 phrases that make your child feel valued

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Saying the wrong thing can make a child feel hurt, angry, or confused. But it's just as important to say the right things. These six phrases will help your child feel valued so they're worth saying often from Education.com.

1. "How did you do?" - This open-ended question encourages self-reflection. This question gives kids the chance to truly think about their performance.

2. "I know you and I believe you can do it." - This sentence will give your child the extra confidence she needs when she's daunted by a challenge ahead.

3. "You worked so hard." - This approach emphasizes hard work - rather than intelligence or natural talent. Comments like this stress that effort is important and encourage future hard work.

4. "You are beautiful, inside and out." - This sentence helps children feel comfortable in their own skin. It also reminds them beauty goes beyond the surface. It's especially important for daughters to hear from their fathers, as it ensures they don't grow up looking for praise from boys.

5. "You did a great job." - Positive reinforcement is a great motivator. Praise often, but don't overdo it or your words will seem insincere.

6. "What are the consequences of that choice?" - It's tempting to make decisions for your child, but kids learn more when they make their own choices. Guide the process by reminding your child to consider the positive and negative consequences of any choice she makes.


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